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Extended polystyrene

Extended polystyrene plates represents rigid expanded thermoplastic, consisting of the alloyed granules. Each granule will consist of in regular intervals allocated microscopic cells filled with air. extended polystyrene (EPS) on 98 % will consist of air and only on 2 % from polystyrene. Such structure gives remarkable properties to the material which has received the deserved recognition all over the world. EPS is allocated with the fact that it possesses the maximal set of the positive properties necessary for a building material. Thermal insulation with help EPS is one of the most effective methods of power conduction reduction, as calculations have shown.

It is maintenance of comfortable conditions at exploitation of the buildings constructed from traditional building materials; it needs to increase charge of fuel resources which finally worsens ecological conditions. Especially in large cities. It is established, that total heat loss through walls, coverings and windows are made with 70 % from all losses of heat through protecting designs. 

High thermal insulation properties and durability have made extended polystyrene leading insulating material. You will easily solve problems of creation of comfortable residing conditions and economy of means for heating using extended polystyrene plates in various zones of a building.


- insulating of roofs and the bases of buildings 
- heat and sound insulation of floors 
- as a filling material in the facilitated frame walls 
- As a insulation layer in layered walls 
- External isolation of walls

Properties of extended polystyrene (polyfoam).

Safety. Extended polystyrene is making, using and utilizing without damage to an environment and health of people. Extended polystyrene is repeatedly used on 100 %; it is the purest and safe thermal insulation material. It is used and as a packing material for food stuffs, in toys, etc. 

Good thermal resistance. Extended polystyrene is consisting of the static air on 98 % its closed cellular structure. Static air is the best natural heat insulator, as a fact. Polystyrene plastic maintenance makes only 2 % - such combination provides to EPS plates remarkable thermal insulation properties. extended polystyrene is saving it thermal insulation properties in damp conditions and at low temperatures. 

Sound-proofing and wind-shelter properties.

It is not necessary additional windshield at warming with extended polystyrene plates. Besides design sound insulation improves. 

Moisture resistance. Thermal insulation plates are not absorbent. extended polystyrene hygroscopic is essentially lower than hygroscopic of mineral cotton wool. Thermal insulation plates absorb only some percent of water from the volumetric weight even at long immersing in water, it allows to use them for warming the bases with direct contact of a heater to a ground. 

High pressure resistance. Good pressure resistance is one of the major properties of extended polystyrene. It is much higher than mineral cotton wool has. 

Stable sizes preservation. Extended polystyrene remains stable in a building design during all term of structure operation it does not decrease in sizes and it is not shifted the structure. 

Durability. Extended polystyrene properties do not worsen during all life term of a structure. Minimal moisture adsorption is providing preservation of stability pressure resistance and thermal insulating ability in damp conditions. extended polystyrene does not form a nutrient medium for growth of microorganisms on surface, it does not rotting, it does not grow musty. It is chemically proof. 

Use convenience. Extended polystyrene plates are convenient and easy in circulation due to small weight. They can be cut on pieces of the necessary sizes with usual tools helps. Extended polystyrene is not required to apply means of protection: it is not poisonous, it has no smell, it does not allocate a dust at processing, and it does not cause irritation of a skin. It is extremely important for the builder that using extended polystyrene in job. 

Flame-resistance. Extended polystyrene are made thermal insulating materials of containing a fire-resistant material. This is fire-retardant additive. extended polystyrene operating temperature makes from-200 up to +85° С.