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Double-glazed window

A double glazed sealed window comprises of two panes of glass. These two glasses are held apart by a spacer bar. There is an air gap in between each glass which is sealed around the perimeter. Glass is a good conductor of heat. So, just a single glazed or single pane window will not insulate your house very well. Air is a poor conductor of heat, and therefore has superior insulating properties. The air gap between the two sheets of glass reduces the heat conduction between the panes. This helps keep more heat inside your house during winter and outside your house during summer. 

Double glazed units have many advantages like thermal insulation that works as a barrier to cold winds and draught. Effective insulation leads to lower energy consumption, so such units save you considerable heating and fuel expenses. Double-glazing also keeps out unwanted noise disturbances while boosting the market value of a property. Double glazed units result in comfortable living and working conditions even in the worst climates. 

"BetaInfoStroy" has a wide experience in manufacture of double-glazed windows always offers to their clients only qualitative materials of leading world manufacturers. 


It is possible to use almost all types of glasses for double-glazed manufacture. The choice of glasses depends on requirements showed to a concrete window. It is very important correctly to define a site and orientation of glasses with special properties in double-glazed. For example, in case of use of selective glasses the surface with the put covering, as a rule, is inside of double-glazed. Sun-protection glasses are recommended to be established as external glasses. 

Sometimes there are occurrences of thermal pressure, in each separate case it is important to find out necessity of hardening of sun-protection glasses. It is important to pay attention to thickness of sun-protection glasses with a reflection. 

These sealed units are available in various glasses. You can choose a glass according to your taste - clear, toughened, patterned, laminated, georgian wired and low-E tinted which is available with enhanced thermal coating. You can also use aluminum, wooden or plastic (PVCu) frames for these units. 

BetaInfoStroy's experts always will give the qualified consultation to the clients at a choice of glasses. 

There is available analytical calculation of design that's why you may to consult to our experts by phone (017) 2918378 any question on type installed double-glass. 

Cheap double-glass for a new window can appear expensive trouble 

Remote frameworks 

As a material to remote frameworks are applied, as a rule, aluminium. The remote framework is carried out gap inside, with special diffusion apertures. Inside there is a drier which function to promote fast absorption the most insignificant quantities of water in interglass space. Thus loss of dew inside double-glasses in a cold season is prevented. The overall thickness of the sealed unit, therefore, includes the air gap plus the thickness of the two panes of glass. The air gap between the panes is generally between 12mm to 20mm thick. The thickness does not impact the insulating properties substantially i.e. a 12mm gap sealed unit is almost as good an insulator as 20mm sealed unit. In fact, a 20mm air gap sealed unit allows increased air circulation within, which impacts the insulation negatively. A 16mm air gap is considered the optimum thickness and is usually recommended by most users 


Molecular sieve, silica gel and mixes of both products have been well recommended itself as driers. 

Various driers have also various absorptive ability. These distinctions are shown depending on temperature, pressure and moisture content in drained gases. 

Hermetic for double-glazed 

Qualitative double-glazed are made by a double hermetic sealing principle. Butyl which possesses the best relative ability to resist to penetration water pair more often is applied as primary hermitic. When glasses squeeze, between glasses and a framework remains dividing them butyl a seam thickness in some tenth shares of millimeter. Good diffusion density is achieved due to a subtlety of a seam and bad gas permeability of mass. 

Primary hermetic cannot provide required durability of rimming connection, this task should solve, the products used for secondary hermetic sealing from lateral aspect double-glazed. It is a polysulfide, but also can be applied silicone and polyurethane masses. They besides giving durability of a design, give additional diffusion density and enable a motion caused by change of temperatures and pressure. 

Using high-quality materials "BetaInfoStroy" makes high-quality production which conduct to the world standards. 

All production of our company is certificated in Belarus, this fact confirms its high quality.